I have over 10 years of experience in graphic arts, illustration and concept arts.
I've always been fascinated by digital arts and their contribution on the world of 'illustration,
I'm looking for a job to progress my career and to satisfy the desire to create new
In the near future I would like to dedicate myself to character design, creature design, enviroment concept art, props, mecha design and vehicles, illustrations for Art and games, book and video games illustrations


  • Character Design
  • Concept Artist
  • Disegnatore
  • Environments Artist
  • Grafica/StudioGrafico
  • Illustratore
  • Storyboard Artist

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Software utilizzati

Clip Studio Paint, Illustrator, Indesign (impaginazione), Photoshop



Flat color
Full color

Full body

Character design - flat color rendering

Full body

Character design - mid detail rendering

Full body

Character design - high level rendering


Attualmente disponibile a ricevere commissions


Flat color
1 Subject (Character, Creatures, Props)
No Background
No Color
3 Free Modifications

Mid detail rendering
1 Subject (Character, Creatures, Props)
Simple Background without details
4 Free Modifications

High detail rendering
1 Subject (Character, Creatures, Props)
Complete Background with details and colors
5 Free Modifications

_Ricerca reference
_Thumbnail x6 - 10
_sviluppo 50% (max-x3)
_Color key
_Feedback review
_Final rendering

_Character sheet (T-pose A-pose)
_Character props (in caso di character prop verrà sviluppato in contemporanea al personaggio)
_Character Moveset


Aliens, Anime, Cartoon, Character Sheets, Chibi, Complex Backgrounds, Disney, Extra Character, Fantasy, Female, Horror, Mecha, Original Characters, Realism, Sci-Fi

Metodi di pagamento

Bonifico bancario \ Bank transfer, PayPal

Note sui pagamenti


Background 100€

Character / Creature 75€

Mecha / Vehicle 100€

Color 25€

Additionl modification 15-100€ (on base to difficulty)

Fast delivery ½ days +10%

Tutti i prezzi sono senza VAT

Slot disponibili

Slot 1

Stato: Disponibile
Questa commission verrà consegnata entro il 22/03/2023

ID: 1679417052

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